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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Captain Berlin Vs Fukuda

My brother recently returned from a vacation trip to Germany, and brought me back a comic book, the first issue of Captain Berlin from 2015.

Written in German by Jorg Buttgereit, the first issue has him battling Adolf Hitler in the lead story, and then combating the Japanese monster Fukuda in "Die Bestie von Fukushima", or in English, "The Beast Of Fukushima".

While the front cover of the book and the first story depict our hero Captain Berlin fighting soldier in the art style of Jack Kirby (who created Captain America with writer Joe Simon), co-created with Stan "The Man" Lee The Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and the uncanny X-Men, .

He created DC's Fourth World comics featuring baddie Darkseid, and future kid Kamandi, and OMAC (One Man Army Corps), the Manhunter, Newsboy Legion, The Challengers Of The Unknown, The Demon (love that book!), and I think his last creation ever, my personal favorite Kirby creation: Devil Dinosaur (for Marvel).

He and Joe Simon got together one last time in the 1970s to create The Sandman (two issues of fun), and NOT the same character as the Neil Gaiman one that will hopefully be a movie one day soon... though Gaiman did use the Kirby Sandman and characters in his series. I'll be selling two mint copies of Kirby's Sandman soon enough. 

Oh... he also created Groot in a Marvel sci-fi story, who would later be the most-beloved character from the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies.

He was the artist on the initial run of The Avengers for Marvel, and... believe it or not, was the first to draw Spider-man for Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance), though Stan Lee had Steve Ditko re-draw it instead.

Kirby also co-created: The Inhumans (part of TV's Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD), Ego The Living Planet (Guardians Of The Galaxy 2), Thor, Magneto, Galactus and the Silver Surfer, oh, and that Black Panther guy. 

In the 1960s, Kirby's art was THE Marvel-style, with new artists coming in and told to mimic his art.

But, on the Fukushima nuclear disaster-inspired Fukuda, the art is done in a more campy Sam Keith art style by Martin Trafford.

I wish I could read it, but from what little German I can read AND understand, it's pretty cool.

While Godzilla was created as a spawn of man's folly to create and use atomic weaponry and nuclear weapons testing, Fukuda is inspired by man's folly to create and use nuclear reactors that are unsafe.

I'm surprised at myself for not having come up with the monster Fukuda myself.

Captain Berlin was created in the 1982 by Jorg Buttgereit, and made his initial appearances in movies and television in Germany, and is called "Germany's only superhero".

And... just because:

Andrew Joseph

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