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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Flying To Japan

After my third one-year contract with the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme expired, and I was forced to head back to Toronto, Canada, I almost immediately made plans to head back to Japan.

That was for Noboko.

I left Toronto for Japan almost one month after having left Japan the first time in 1993.

Even though I had gone back to Canada with about $10,000 in cash on me, thanks to doing some extra teaching of English on the side, I was determined to try and go the cheap route for my two-way ticket back to Canada.

After all, I figured, I would need to have money left over for Noboko's ticket, should I be able to convince her to come for a visit, and then spending money as I aimed to sweep her off her pretty little feet.

As such... when I booked my ticket, in order to save three hundred dollars, I flew from Toronto to Detroit Michigan (US) to Dallas Texas (US) to Nome Alaska (US) to Seoul (South Korea) to Chiba (which is where the Tokyo airport is)... and from there I would need to take a train to the actual city of Tokyo, and then take a shinkansen bullet train north to Nasushiobara and then take a local train up one stop to Kuroiso-shi... and finally a short taxi ride to my friend and fellow AET (assistant English teacher) and Canadian, Colin.

I was going to stay at his place for a month as I wooed Noboko.

Because I snore like a jet plane with asthma, my plan was to be considerate of all my fellow travelers and not fall asleep as I undertook the 36 hour journey.

And I didn't fall asleep. You're welcome.

Anyhow... 36 hours later, and $1400 for the ticket, I arrived in Kuroiso, had a great time with Colin, and a sex-filled time with Noboko, but ultimately failed to convince her that I was a better option than obeying her father.

Whatever. I get it now.

Yesterday, my friend Rob sent me an advertisement for an Air Canada promotion for flights to Japan.

The cost for a trip to Japan in 2018 is... $1400... one way.

And people wonder why I don't fly anywhere anymore.

Well... that and my penchant for watching the aviation disaster television show Mayday.

Andrew Joseph

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