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Saturday, May 5, 2018

How Deep Is My Blog?

Y'know... I recently passed the anniversary of my 3,900th blog actually written by myself (I had two written by someone else)... three thousand nine hundred articles here in this space.

Holy crap.

Photo above by Alain Pham on Unsplash - check it out for free photos.

I started this blog in 2009 as a means to tell the world all about the 75+ Rife articles I had written in Japan for a limited audience of JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme participants in my prefecture and later two others. One was because the person doing the newsletter in Shiga-ken was sweet on me as much as I was sweet on her, and the other... damn... I think they liked my work.

Oh, and then there was another magazine that paid me to write stuff for them... as such, they got new material... but all since re-purposed here.

I never thought I'd still be writing anything for this blog after I got the original stuff out. But the genesis of the blog evolved because I realized I couldn't just start a blog with me already there describing all the Gilligan-esque faux pas I participated in... I had to explain how I got there.

I did that with a blog headline: House Of The Rising Son - an obvious play on words of that illustrious rock ballad crooned by The Animals, The House Of The Rising Sun. I was the son, of course, and little did I know that writing about my three years in Japan would take me over five years to complete.

By the way... this song came out the year I was born... which I didn't realize at the time, what with being so young.

I still look back on this blog's opening line... and realize it was/is perfect:

I didn't want to go to Japan. To be perfectly frank, I was just trying to get laid.

Brutal honesty. I wasn't some fawning dude who had always wanted to go to Japan. I was just trying to get laid... here... in Toronto. I knew nothing of Japan. Hell, I knew next-to-nothing about women. I think I know next-to-something about women nowadays. But I doubt it.

Part of the problem was that after I took a month of from writing for personal reasons, I came back with a vengeance in February of 2011... one month before the horrific March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and subsequent near-meltdown of a nuclear power facility.

Because I was interested, and though someone might be too, on that day I began posting updates on the blog as quickly as I found them, regurgitating snippets of news... hopefully rewriting it in a manner that actually made clear sense for us.

I always figured that if I can't understand a story, who the heck is? I'm no super-genius nor even an idiot no matter what my high school grades show, but I do think I'm smart. Not smarter than you or anyone else... just smart.

So, when I completed writing out my diary, I began to expand upon the articles I posted alongside my life story in Japan... compiling an Encyclopedia Japonica, while analyzing the crap out of news and science stories to poke holes in things or perhaps attempt to present things in a more understandable manner.

And then there's just writing or re-writing entries on Japanese subject matter that people might not ever think about, but someone might. And history... oh, how I love to write about history.

I used to suck at history in high school. Heck, I even failed English once... apparently they like it when you attend class, but who knew? Now... I write. I may not know what a gerund is, or even the complex breakdown of grammar within a sentence, but I do know how to create a sentence that is more clear than the average writer's writing.

In other words, me write words good that are simple enough for me to understand.

This will be the last time I use the following phrase, as it was uttered by Bill Cosby on his Fat Albert cartoon show in the 1970s: "... and if you aren't careful, you might learn something."

That's why I write this blog and it's ugly cousin, Pioneers of Aviation... a small market to be sure, but I get to learn something.

One day, I may stop writing these blogs... but that's only when I feel I can't learn anything else... and when that day happens, I obviously have some mental issue if I actually believe there will come a day when I can't learn something.

I believe I have been writing everyday for this blog since February 15, 2011. I guess I'm still having fun learning something.

Andrew Joseph

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