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Sunday, June 24, 2018

360° Books Of Ono Yusuke

I suppose I'm an old fart. I like things that are considered out of fashion. I call it an antique while others call it old crap. That's fine.

I collect coins, stamps, comic books, sports cards and aviation tobacco cards. I read books - at least one per week.

While I do own a first-generation Kobo book reader - filled with classic stories and read them all, I actually prefer the tactile feel of paper between my fingers and don't give a crap how many trees have given their life for it.

Okay... I know that sounds harsh, but I think pretty much every one who cuts down trees for the pulp and paper industry is also involved in replenishing the stock by planting new trees.

Anyhow... along with my perverse love of the written word, I appreciate art. I can't draw, paint or sculpt or do anything artsy except write... but dammit, I sure love it when others do. Okay, I can play music (brass, woodwinds and keyboards).

I have a healthy respect for artists, and when someone like Ono Yusuke (surname first) comes along, I just want to stand up and applaud.

Born in Germany, Ono is an architect who graduated from the University of Tokyo, and has created the above book, the 360° BOOK, in this case about Mount Fuji.

It's not a book in the classic sense with words, but man does it tell a story with one simple picture... or is it pictures?

Each page is a piece of 3D art cut by laser to create an amazing pop-up book in the form of a diorama crossed with Japanese kirigami.

Kirigami (切り紙) is a type of origami (folding paper art), that along with folding paper includes the cutting of the paper, and definitely no glue.

There are a few books by Ono, including the Mount Fuji (aka Fujiyama), such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Welcome to FabCafe, Earth and the Moon, Snowy World, and Snow White.

I saw a four-pack on sale on Amazon Canada for $300, but then saw it on Amazon (US) for $140 - meaning that with the dollar exchange, Canadian are getting ripped off...

Tsk-tsk, Amazon. How about some price compatibility?

However... for the sheer artistry of the 360° Books Of Ono Yusuke, perhaps it's a fair price.


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