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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Damn It

On Thursday evening past, Ontario, Canada got a new Premiere in Doug Ford. The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup of North American big league hockey, and Anthony Bourdain died apparently of suicide by hanging in France while filming an episode for his CNN show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

I loved to read Bourdain's books. I love to watch his various television shows, and I loved to listen to his voice as he traveled the world - teaching me, nudging me, entertaining the fug out of me.

Though a former chef - and a world-renowned one at that, Anthony Bourdain's television programs were not just about food, but about the places he visited... straying off the beaten path to give viewers a taste of the real people of whatever place he was visiting.

And while not everyone agreed with his politics (I did), he was still fair.

He visited Japan numerous times, and gave me peeks at the country I was simply not privy to...

And... dammit... he didn't know me, and I never met him... and I am sad that his inner demons caught up to him, or his depression or other mental illness reared its ugly head... and dammit all to hell... I'm going to miss him.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. Inner demons are nasty buggers. RIP Anthony Bourdain. I always admired his way of making connections between people, food and culture. You also build connections with this blog, An-do-ryu-San. Hope all is well with you.