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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day 2018

So... today is Father's Day - June 17, 2018, and wherever it is celebrated, today is the day... including Japan.

Father's Day is called Chichi no hi (父の日) in Japanese. And... there are two words used for "father":
  • chichi (父);
  • otousan (お父さん)
While chichi is used to refer to your own father, otousan is used when referring to someone else's father, as we as used to address your own father.

I only ever heard otousan, while I was in Japan.

As a father, I can tell you straight up that when it comes to special days, father's generally get hosed. Mother's seem to get the good stuff... the thoughtful present... dad's... we get ties... or darn it, socks.

This year, I, however, am getting a great Father's Day present.

I coach my 12-year-old son's Select baseball team.

We are in a tournament this weekend.

After driving through rush hour Toronto traffic, an only traveling some 45 kilometers in 90 minutes, we played our first game this Friday night, and won.

After returning home, we got up early on Saturday morning to travel from our home to the tournament , played two more round-robin games, and won those, too.

Last year, my Select team played a total of 34 games (including tournaments) - we won twice and tied once. This year (as of Saturday night), we are already now with eight wins and only two losses.

This Sunday morning, we get up even earlier to make that drive again to the tournament, for a quarter-final game, and should we play to our strengths, we'll play again and again in the semi-finals and finals, too.

It's been effing hot this weekend in Toronto... and we're just 20 minutes north of Toronto for the ball games.

It was 27C on Saturday, with humidity taking it into the 30s... and guess what... Sunday is supposed to be 31C, plus humidity.

We wear polyester uniforms. Coaches, too.

But you know what... not a stitch of complaint from anyone. Probably because we've been winning, and hopefully both trends will continue on Sunday.

So... that's how I'm spending Father's Day on Sunday... with my son, playing a game or three.

And winning it all sure beats a tie.

To all you dad's out there... Happy Father's Day. Go and spend some time with your kid(s), because that's really what it's all about.

You sure as hell don't need socks to have a fun day with your kid(s).

Andrew Joseph

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