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Monday, June 18, 2018

Japanese Donald Duck Comic Books

Unfortunately, my Father's Day present ended prematurely, as mine and my son's baseball team was ousted from the baseball tournament in the quarter-finals, losing 7-6.

So... back home, I decided I would read a few of the Uncle Scrooge McDuck books I was given by my friend Rob a couple of weeks ago.

Needing a topic for today, I wondered if there were ever any published Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge comic books in Japan.

Strangely, in my opinion, I could only find a single example of a Disney Duck comic book - see above. And it's merely entitled Disney Land.

While the cover shows Huey, Dewey and Louie in Zorro garb, poor Donald is unable to play as chipmunks Chip and Dale are asleep in his Zorro hat. Ha-ha... very punny.

The art style looks typical for the 1960s, but I have no idea when it was published. No wait... I found a website:, that says this particular title was published between 1960-1964 by the by the Reader's Digest Japan, publishing a total of 37 issues.

That website shows a bigger list of Japanese comic book titles than I had originally thought existed - so kudos to them for the information.

But... there doesn't seem t be any sort of Disney comic book published in Japan after 2009... which to me seems like a lost opportunity for someone.

Is the list complete? Probably not... and I only say that because I did a search for Canadian Disney books on the website, and note it does not list the Dell comic books that were printed in Toronto for Canadian audiences during the 1940s-50s... They have a different indica on the inside.

Oh well... if anyone off in any lands other than the U.S. ever want to send me an example of an Uncle Scrooge or Donald Duck comic book, I would love to see it.

Heck... I'll even trade with you!

Andrew Joseph

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