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Friday, June 1, 2018

Japanese Tourism Posters

As someone who has only visited and lived in Japan for three-plus years, I have never thought about visiting the country as a tourist.

As evidenced quite often by my choice of blogging topics, I certainly have not been there - done that.

I did many things, but have come to realize that there are so many things in about about Japan that I was not privy to.

However... what tourist ever goes to a country and expects to have seen everything after a couple of weeks? No one.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it your best shot.

What we have contained within these digital walls, are a few Japan tourist posters meant to get your interest peaked.

These are not NEW advertisements. Nor are they the sexy advertisements of beautiful Japanese men or women doing typically sexy Japanese things - whatever the fug that is.

No... the images contained within are meant to evoke the beauty that is Japan.

So... let's sit back and enjoy the view:
People who know little about Japan might recognize that this is an iconic view of Japan. It is a production of Noh theater, and it's like if you attended an opera in Italy and didn't have a book or translator explaining what is going on... except that this Noh theater stuff is waaaaay slower.
At some point in time after I left Japan in 1993, it no longer became politically correct to call the Japanese "Oriental", as they were now just "Asian"... as such, this poster is obviously from a long time ago. It does not just advertise Japan, whoever, despite the woman in the red kimono being front and center... it showcases other countries that can be visited by both boat and airplane.  
This poster is for the 1964 Olympic games... and obviously shows off Japan's Mt. Fuji.
And look - Mt. Fuji.
And... Mt. Fuji.
Mt. Fuji.
I'm guessing Mt. Fuji.
Pretty sure this one is Mt. Fuji. In front of temple gates, and the Japanese red ball, aka the rising sun.
I think this is Mt. Fuji, as well - but a highly stylized one. I really like that the O in Tokyo - made to resemble the sun, is NOT red.
OMG! Someone has stolen Mt. Fuji!!! Lovely Japanese lantern amid the cherry blossoms, and with old temples in the back ground, complete with the modern world on the left. A nice piece of art.
From Germany, I wonder who this was supposed to get anyone to visit Japan. Or maybe this was just a picture hiding a secret coded message amongst old war buddies. What... too soon?

Andrew Joseph


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