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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Man Stabbed Aboard Shinkansen Train

For a country that has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world, every time such a crmie takes place, it attains global focus.

This past Saturday night in Tokyo, aboard a shinkansen bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Osaka, a 22-year-old Japanese man named Kojima Ichiro (surname first) attacked a man, and two women - all random attacks, in a knife slicing and stabbing frenzy.

The victims were chosen at random, according to Kojima, who was arrested shortly after police stormed the train at the next available stop (Odawara).

Why? No idea. Another case of mental illness gone awry.

Don't worry folks... not everyone with mental illness goes on a murder spree. These are special circumstances, and the only reason you hear about it is because such actions are news worthy. Most of the people on the planet who struggle with some form of mental health issue will never make the news, because their actions aren't necessarily dangerous.

Hurtful, perhaps, but not murderous.

The stabbed man was taken to hospital and later died of his injuries, meaning Kojima will face at least one murder charge.

Andrew Joseph

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