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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Naked Japanese Man Forced To Leave Island Home

For Nagasaki Masafumi, 82, life on Sotobanari island was the best thing he had ever done and was going to be the site of his death.

No… he didn’t want to kill himself, rather he wanted to die of natural causes one day, naked as a jay bird… wearing the suit he was born in…

The island, is far south and part of the Ryukyu Islands… it would be exactly what you picture if you thought about Robinson Crusoe… idyllic.

He arrived on Sotobanari back in 1989—nearly 30 years ago—claiming he was only going to stay for a couple of years…

So… right there we can tell he’s a bit of an oddball by Japanese standards, as he would have been 53-years-old, with some 17 years left in the workforce… and yet…

Calling himself a city man with no outdoor experience, he claimed that civilization held no allure for him, so he said screw it all and went there to live.

The island is buffeted often by typhoons, has no fresh water, has no boats, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury. Sorry… I went all Gilligan’s Island there for a second.

Holy crap… no Ginger or Mary Ann! Or even Mrs. Howell. If I was on Gilligan’s Island as long as those castaways, even Mrs. Howell would start looking sexy to me. Kidding.

Anyhow… Nagasaki arrived on Sotobanari—a truly deserted island in the Ryukyu chain—and promptly changed that.

What we do know, is that his sister would often send along rice cakes (perhaps with a passing fisherman), and that recently one of the visitors thought Nagasaki looked weak, and decided he should go to a hospital… though whether that was weak from being old, weak from the hardships, or if he simply had a cold, authorities refused to let Nagasaki return to the island after he regained his strength.


Nagasaki had long since stated that he wanted to die on the island… and now they force him to stay ion a government-sponsored housing development on Ishigaki Island, about 60 kilometers from where he said he was the happiest he has ever been.

I feel bad for the guy. He's healthy now... why can't he go back to the only life he's known for the past 30 years?

To Nagasaki-sanbanzai,
Andrew Joseph

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