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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Uncle Scrooge Turning Japanese

For me, being a strange lad, there's nothing quite as cool as seeing my favorite comic book characters brought to life in a medium outside the norm.

It's why I like watching the new animated DuckTales on TV, starring Uncle Scrooge McDuck, nephew Donald Duck (on occasion) and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck... along with out-of-the-pantheon characters Webby (voiced by Raj's social anxiety girlfriend from TV's The Big Bang Theory, and Velma from some of the newer Scooby Doo cartoons) and Launchpad (voiced by Terence McGovern - who when he was doing voice-over work on THX 1138 (1971) for George Lucas, he made a blunder and exclaimed, "I think I ran over a wookiee back there." Lucas, confused, asked what he meant by the term. McGovern admitted that he didn't know and added that he simply made it up. Lucas later immortalized the word years later in his book Star Wars and the movie Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope  - 1977).

See.... you never know what you are going to learn here. 

I never watched the original series in the 1980s... I must have thought I was too grown up, or more than likely felt that if they couldn't be bothered to have Donald Duck in it, I wasn't interested.

At least the 2017-present version has Donald.

Anyhow... I have been known to enjoy playing video games. I was around for the birth of the industry, and along with always being able to find a quarter in my pocket, I had the home versions as well, from Pong, to Magnavox, Sega versions, Nintendo stuff, and now Sony stuff - as well as the earlier handheld games from Sega, Nintendo and the earlier football and baseball games. If it beeped, I had it.

Being a Disney Duck fan, as well as a teenager and then adult meant never really having a video game one could play where it wasn't just for kids. It sucked.

And then along came Kingdom Hearts... where Mickey Mouse had more of a role, while Donald was shunted off to the sides.

I've never understood this. While Mickey Mouse may indeed have launched the Walt Disney empire back in the late 1920s, it was Donald Duck that was/is remains a global force.

Everyone still thinks Mickey is the best, but really, it's the manic antics of Donald and his nephews that entertained the masses via comic books from the 1940s onward... more comic books, better stories... and the best artist/writer... in fact Carl Barks is perhaps one of the top three artists in the world of comicbookdom, and is the inspiration to me for me and my curious, adventurous mind.

Even nowadays, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge (the latter an invention of Carl Barks in the comic books) remain top duck in the magical world of Disney in both comic books and television programming.

Mickey Mouse was always the Fred McMurray type (the dad from the My Three Sons TV show of the 1960s - calm and cool), while Donald was the real every man... a guy who tried his best, got angry, still loved his boys (nephews... he has permanent possession of them, it seems considering something dire must have happened to their mother, his sister, Ella - originally Dumbella in the signed note in the nephews first appearance in a cartoon)... Donald Duck is the average guy. The guy at the bottom of the totem pole... the guy who gets all the wet in the trickledown theory.

So... when a video game finally came out for a more mature gamer - Kingdom Hearts - I gobbled it up. It was still a Mickey dominated game, but I treasured every moment Donald was in it.

What we have here, is a bit of the action from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep video game released in 2010 for the PS3 and PSP.

Strangely enough, I've never played this game in the Kingdom Hearts series... so I'll find it and play it. Yeah... I'm still playing the PS3, while my son plays the PS4. I prefer the 3.

It shows lead character Sora and Scrooge McDuck interacting... and here's the cool part... while the first half is in English, at the 1:44 second mark, it's in Japanese. In subtitles and vocalized Japanese.

You still don't to play as a Duck, but again... a treasured moment with Scrooge McDuck. Sigh... I want my Donald, too.

By the way... I haven't confirmed this with my brother, but I'm pretty sure he wrote an episode of the new DuckTales show. I hate him. :)

He was probably too scared to tell me, because he knew this was a dream for me. It's okay... I'm living vicariously.

By the way... he's been dating an Ashley for about seven years now.

Monkey see...

Andrew Joseph

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