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Friday, September 14, 2018

Stuff On My Mind

It's Friday, just past midnight. I've been busy. Friday promises more of the same, as does the weekend. Stop the world, I want to get off.

I have often felt like that when I was in Japan - pulled in so many directions at once.

All you can do is so all you can do.

It's what I did in Japan... and it's what I am doing now.

On this date back in 1994, one year after I left Japan, my mother died of a heart attack brought about by complications from a rare illness that was always mentioned on the TV show House: sarcoidosis.

It was a running joke on House (along with lupus).

My current goal is to live longer than my mother - so I have two years to go before that happens.

I don't have anything wrong with me per se, so there's no diagnosis that has me overly worried about life and death, but I would be lying if I said such things didn't enter my min every once in a while.

Pondering one's own mortality.

How long ago my life in Japan seems now  - especially when I write about snippets from my life there. That made me smile.

Andrew Joseph


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