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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Uncle Scrooge Turning Japanese

For me, being a strange lad, there's nothing quite as cool as seeing my favorite comic book characters brought to life in a medium outside the norm.

It's why I like watching the new animated DuckTales on TV, starring Uncle Scrooge McDuck, nephew Donald Duck (on occasion) and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck... along with out-of-the-pantheon characters Webby (voiced by Raj's social anxiety girlfriend from TV's The Big Bang Theory, and Velma from some of the newer Scooby Doo cartoons) and Launchpad (voiced by Terence McGovern - who when he was doing voice-over work on THX 1138 (1971) for George Lucas, he made a blunder and exclaimed, "I think I ran over a wookiee back there." Lucas, confused, asked what he meant by the term. McGovern admitted that he didn't know and added that he simply made it up. Lucas later immortalized the word years later in his book Star Wars and the movie Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope  - 1977).

See.... you never know what you are going to learn here. 

I never watched the original series in the 1980s... I must have thought I was too grown up, or more than likely felt that if they couldn't be bothered to have Donald Duck in it, I wasn't interested.

At least the 2017-present version has Donald.

Anyhow... I have been known to enjoy playing video games. I was around for the birth of the industry, and along with always being able to find a quarter in my pocket, I had the home versions as well, from Pong, to Magnavox, Sega versions, Nintendo stuff, and now Sony stuff - as well as the earlier handheld games from Sega, Nintendo and the earlier football and baseball games. If it beeped, I had it.

Being a Disney Duck fan, as well as a teenager and then adult meant never really having a video game one could play where it wasn't just for kids. It sucked.

And then along came Kingdom Hearts... where Mickey Mouse had more of a role, while Donald was shunted off to the sides.

I've never understood this. While Mickey Mouse may indeed have launched the Walt Disney empire back in the late 1920s, it was Donald Duck that was/is remains a global force.

Everyone still thinks Mickey is the best, but really, it's the manic antics of Donald and his nephews that entertained the masses via comic books from the 1940s onward... more comic books, better stories... and the best artist/writer... in fact Carl Barks is perhaps one of the top three artists in the world of comicbookdom, and is the inspiration to me for me and my curious, adventurous mind.

Even nowadays, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge (the latter an invention of Carl Barks in the comic books) remain top duck in the magical world of Disney in both comic books and television programming.

Mickey Mouse was always the Fred McMurray type (the dad from the My Three Sons TV show of the 1960s - calm and cool), while Donald was the real every man... a guy who tried his best, got angry, still loved his boys (nephews... he has permanent possession of them, it seems considering something dire must have happened to their mother, his sister, Ella - originally Dumbella in the signed note in the nephews first appearance in a cartoon)... Donald Duck is the average guy. The guy at the bottom of the totem pole... the guy who gets all the wet in the trickledown theory.

So... when a video game finally came out for a more mature gamer - Kingdom Hearts - I gobbled it up. It was still a Mickey dominated game, but I treasured every moment Donald was in it.

What we have here, is a bit of the action from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep video game released in 2010 for the PS3 and PSP.

Strangely enough, I've never played this game in the Kingdom Hearts series... so I'll find it and play it. Yeah... I'm still playing the PS3, while my son plays the PS4. I prefer the 3.

It shows lead character Sora and Scrooge McDuck interacting... and here's the cool part... while the first half is in English, at the 1:44 second mark, it's in Japanese. In subtitles and vocalized Japanese.

You still don't to play as a Duck, but again... a treasured moment with Scrooge McDuck. Sigh... I want my Donald, too.

By the way... I haven't confirmed this with my brother, but I'm pretty sure he wrote an episode of the new DuckTales show. I hate him. :)

He was probably too scared to tell me, because he knew this was a dream for me. It's okay... I'm living vicariously.

By the way... he's been dating an Ashley for about seven years now.

Monkey see...

Andrew Joseph

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Video Game Developer Gets Squeezed At Tokyo Trade Show

For video gamers trying out a new VR game—it was all about the chikan—sexual groping.

Maybe I have become a bit more prudish in my age, but needing to play a video game where one gets to grope a mannequin in order to get a reaction from a VR (virtual reality) anime female figure is just plain stupid.

As you can see above (the gamer obviously doesn’t know how to grope - not really), the animated figure in the back (the video game) looks like a high school student.

I understand the difference between fantasy and reality, but I am worried that many people do not.

Not everyone has a firm grasp on reality, as you can see every time you look at the news.

This action at last week’s Tokyo Game Show was actually halted by show organizers probably because they are involved in trade shows, and not specifically just video games.

I like video games. I just bought one for the far superior PS3 system (who wants to pay $80 for a PS4 video game and then have to pay (on-line charges) to play it?

I like women, too, but again who wants to pay to play?

But… when software developer M2 Co had their exhibition booth set up so visitors could snap on a set of VR glasses and then touch the mannequin to make the it seem as though the gamer was successfully grabbing high school girl boob—well… that’s just wrong.

According to M2 Co, the demonstration was to show how it can turn flat images into 3D images… uh… I’m pretty sure that’s been done for many years and years now.

That was their reasoning to create a chikan/molestor video game demonstrator.

And… what is equally disheartening, is the fact that so many people (men) lined up to get their pervert on before complaints caused the demo to be shut down.

Now… lest we jump all over the video game industry, the Tokyo Game Show’s exhibitors—including Sony Corp.—pretty much had just family-rated entertainment in mind, as most companies showed off their VR games and tech.

Although… the Tokyo Game Show did offer up a bunch of scantily-clad women—booth babes—at many exhibitor stands.

Having organized the participation of exhibitors at some 350 different annual trade shows around the world over a 13-year period, I can honestly state that not once had one of my clients ever asked for a booth babe.

I did see a few at a trade show here in Toronto about eight years ago, but that practice is now on the wane.

Hey - I’m all for people earning a few bucks legally dressed up (I would imagine that got its start at auto shows), but there must be better ways.

Sadly at the Tokyo Game Show, touching the mannequin boob was about as close to reality as it was going to get.

Andrew Joseph

Friday, January 31, 2014

Quitting Game Not An Option For Nintendo Boss

Same as it ever was… same as it ever was.

You either have to admire his pluck and stubbornness or see that he's just someone who enjoys a paycheck.

Video game maker Nintendo’s president Iwata Satoru (surname first - and pictured in the middle in the photo above, flanked by Mario on left and Yoshi on right) says that even though the company has been suffering from dismal sales of its games and systems he will not resign.

In fact… he won't even cut prices.

In fact, and you'll love this one, he vows to stick to the company's old ways.

That's right, big guy… stick with what got you to the top… innovation. Uh… you did mean more innovative stuff, right? Like basically creating an arcade video game industry… or creating a home video game industry… right?

Or did you mean living off former glories with outdated thinking circa the 1970s? Pssst… Iwata-san… I think that's what everyone believes you meant.

Iwata did say that Nintendo plans to enter the health care industry.

Whaaaaaaa-?! Or, WTF?!

Nintendo in the health care industry. Let me see if I can picture that. Yup: You're sick and dying and on your last legs… you step into a Nintendo hospital, give them 100 gold coins and you get an extra life. Awesome!

Iwata did not provide any details of the what he called his “quality of life” business plans. All we know is that it won’t be a wearable device.

Hmmm… maybe Nintendo will hide golden stars all over the world, and when you find one you become invulnerable for a short time - maybe even long enough to take over some islands?!

Now… the news story DID say Nintendo was getting into the health care business… and not getting into creating health care video games… BUT, the same article makes it a point of declaring that "Kyoto-based Nintendo already offers fitness games."

By putting THAT in the story, I'm a little less sure about the veracity of the 'health care industry' statement. Thanks, Associated Press (I say sarcastically).

For some reason - and I don't understand this - video game makers are being hit hard (they aren't making as much money as they used to) by the fact that people are spending lots of money on smartphones and other mobile devices… as people just can't seem to stop diddling their hand-held devices, rather than sitting comfortably in their home playing a video game on a large screen television.

Yes… give me eye strain and weak thumbs anyway. D'uh.

Anyhow… Nintendo has resisted coming into the 2014s because it does not want to change its business to incorporate tablets and smartphones.

Well… actually… that's good. Why follow the crowd? The only complaint would be to hurry the fug up and start your new market segment.

"Nintendo has value because it is different from others," says Iwata.

Nice mustache!
Note that he said that one day after he - and other top Nintendo executives took a pay cut… as a form of hari-kari (ritualistic suicide) for the company's poor 2013 performance.

Now… wait a minute… just how badly did Nintendo do?

Well… apparently between April-December 2013 the company ONLY made ¥10.2 billion (US $99 million). That's profit. Not sales… not before costs… profit.

So why the pay cut?

Well… for the same period in 2012, the company had profits of ¥14.55 billion (US $141.78 million).
Hmm. I would be upset if I lost ¥4.2 billion, but Nintendo did not LOSE ¥4.2 billion… it MADE ¥10.2 billion… it still made a profit, just not one as large as it hoped.

What sort of fudged up world is this? World #FU47 in Donkey Kong Country? (I made that board up).

The guy - Iwate - still made a 10-billion profit. No wonder he's not quitting. No wonder he wants to stick to the old ways - the old ways still know how to make a ¥10-billion profit!!!

Personally, I think Nintendo failed with the Wii game system. Yes, it had the innovative game play where gamers are encouraged to move… but screw that! If I wanted to exercise I'd go for a walk… but I don't! I want mind-numbing video game reality that helps me forget that the real world sucks. Sucks Donkey Kongs.

Any video game player worth his salt will tell you that the Wii systems are video game systems for people who don't usually play video games. Like little kids and grand parents (Me - I'm a parent and I play video games).

None of them will ever kill a zombie. In fact, one day they will all be killed by a dyslexic zombie. The Wii running game will not help them at all. Briiiiii-aaaaannnnnssss.
The graphics and game play are kiddie. If you wanted a real video game system, you played X-Box or PS3/4.

But… you have to love the fact that Nintendo came up with the motion control system.

Anyhow… Nintendo's Wii U sales are sucking. The company says it has dropped its 2014 forecast from 9-million units to just 2.8 million units… which tells me they need a new game plan.

In fact… earlier this month, Nintendo says it forecasts a LOSS of ¥25 billion (US $242 million) for the fiscal year through March 2014. It had earlier forecast an optimistic (in my mind) profit of ¥55 billion (US $532 million).

Nintendo, 25 years ago you may have created the Famicon - Family Computer video game system (image above)… but let's face it… it wasn't a family system… it was a teenager video game system. So why try and create and market the Wii as a real family video game system?

Teenagers will buy all the new, cool video games… not families for their weekly game night… all they need is bowling… or tennis…. or (yawn).

Microsoft's X-Box and Sony's Play Station… the ones the teenagers and young adults prefer (and older adults young at heart)… you can play rock guitar, kill zombies, aliens, smack a home run against 'real characters', drive real cars rather than race against oil-slick dropping turtles… There's simply not enough room for the Wii player to grow as they - the kids - turn into ugly teenagers.

Okay… that's my 25-cents (US $0.22) worth,
Andrew Joseph

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tokyo-based Post-Apocalyptic PS3 Game

Truth is, Japan has been playing this game for some time now. What is cool about it, is that it is finally coming to countries outside of Japan.

What the hell is it? It's called Tokyo Jungle, and it's a PS3 (Play Station 3) video game featuring animals fighting each other in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo setting.

My first reaction was - "What? There's a PS3 fighting animal game in post-apocalyptic Tokyo? Why wasn't I not informed earlier?"

I've been using the 'reaction' set-up a lot lately. Sorry...  I've been surprised a fair bit lately.

Sony needs to start giving me free testers to review. Hell... I could always go back to Nintendo... I always had fun with my Nintendo (Famicon, Super Famicon, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy et al).

I like video games. I make no apologies for this. I've always been into fantasy as a shy, quiet and reserved youngster who could not seemingly fit into reality. And, video games - along with comic books - gave me a readily available outlet from the reality of real life - which always seemed suck for me as a teenager.

Trust me... being 5-foot tall until you were 17-years-old does not give you a lot of self-confidence with the real world.

Even now, as a maladjusted adult who seems to fit into more areas of society than one can shake an Atari 2600 joystick at, I still enjoy floating away into nothingness. Perhaps I still am that shy, quiet child... I grew one-foot (30 centimeters) taller in a year (and 7 years later lost and inch and a half - fortunately only in height! with a bad back where stuff compacted a bit), gained a lot of self-respect back after getting into a lot of fights - or what I call pay-back - and eventually learning that I wouldn't self-destruct if I talked to a woman...   

Of course, I do a lot of writing, both at work and here at home. I also have a wife and child and I suppose one must be expected to spend time with them, so I do my best. It's all I've ever done, and I make no excuses for that. Okay... I was a slacker until I was maybe 24... but since then, I make no excuses...

As such, the extent of my video gaming over the past three years has been quite limited. Prior to me going to once-a-day writings of this blog back in October of 2010 when all Hell was breaking lose around my family unit - not because of anything I did or didn't do - my escape was in playing video games. Since then, it's been writing.

I do get to play video games now, however, but it is pretty much limited to LEGO video games on the PS3. Lego Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a Marvel Super Hero Squad and a Scooby Doo game - all of which have been great. Just because some video games are for kids, does not mean an adult can't enjoy them, too - or at least one's inner shy, quiet child.

But sometimes you want a game that's a bit more violent. I've played the Final Fantasy games (It's why I actually bought a Sony system in the first place).

I actually hate the 1st-person shoot'em ups, and prefer games with an adventure to them... a fantasy, if you will... but sometimes, I enjoy the old-fashioned beating up of things.

And, while scouring the Internet looking for topics for myself and the readers, I find that there's a video game that combines beating up things with Japan - though I have also played a couple of Yakuza games). A post-apocalyptic Japan? Cool... but, until now, this game - Tokyo Jungle - has only been available in Japan.

Now, it is coming to European and Australian consoles... though not North or South America or Africa. However, since there is actually no difference in the regions (it's region-free), you can buy a game from Europe or Australia (or from Japan if your Japanese is very good) and play it in Canada et al.

But... just note that it's not out for the west, yet. And it might actually be coming out for the PS4. Yes. I did type in the #4. But those lucky Japanese folks are playing it on the PS3, right now.     

What's it like?

Well, from the trailers... I was expecting it to be like the old Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat games - but featuring a hyena versus a chimpanzee in standard fights - but boy, was I wrong.

It's like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)... but instead of elves, dwarves and humans growing stronger fighting trolls, zombie dragons or liches, you get to choose from a wide range of critters one might actually find in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo:

Let's say you want to be a Pomeranian dog (plenty of those in Tokyo), or a hyena (think Tokyo Zoo)... you wander the ruins of Tokyo attacking other animals just like you might fight an orc in D&D, and you get stronger, moving up levels to gain additional abilities - like better strength, or defense. You also find healing devices to regain health... but apparently that can also be regained from sleeping back at your nest.

In the trailer below, I noticed that you can also find a female critter in heat and have sex with it. Gross? Think about what you were doing in Grand Theft Auto III - banging hookers or sleeping with your lady friend (yes, I have that version).  

It's a survival action game.

As you continue on in the game, the animals (you) will learn more and more about what happened to the humans.

There is no excuse, however, to explain why the humans left behind a pair of elephant-sized roller skates. But, since you can be an elephant... we assume you can wear the skates - should you be able to find them... and why wouldn't you? They're frigging huge!

Other cool or wacky things you can find and perhaps use, include: a sumo wrestler obi (belt) that can be worn by a Tosa inu (Tosa dog) - a beautiful Japanese dog that is banned in many countries around the world. More information on it HERE. Anyhow... it makes the dog 'aerodynamic' perhaps giving it better jumping abilities. 

There is also cheap pet food, some jerky made of some sort of meat that tastes terrible but gives great stamina, and flea removal shampoo - because you never know just what you are going to sleep with.

 Now... I have to admit that the graphics are piss-poor, in my opinion. It's a side scroller (left to right) with movements up and down that are quite limited. It's got nothing on the latest Final Fantasy games. The background animation also looks less than detailed.

But... considering that the news that this game is finally heading out from Japan to the West  - which means the words in it are being translated - the game play's the thing, to completely butcher a Shakespearean adage.

Trust me - they have to fix the way the animals 'speak' as well... In English, we hear a dog as a bark-bark... or a ruff-ruff... the Japanese make it sound like a whon-whon. All are equally bad... but let's just say that when I used to amuse my student by barking like a dog, I would mimic my old rottweilers perfectly. If this game can mimic animal noises well, I might be happy.

As for how I am doing right now? I'm finishing off the LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 video game doing all of the little things my son is bored with... I do it so we can get 100% completion. I hate it when things are less than that. It's what drives me to beat every video game I play. I don't know if you can do that in a 1st-person game like Halo... I guess I have a dogged determination. But, this Tokyo Jungle game looks like fun and I am sure I will get along with it like man's best flea-ridden friend in a sumo outfit. 

Andrew Joseph 
PS: Along with the fantasy adventure games, I really love a good western. In my opinion, by changing the game controls around so much, the PS2 version of Red Dead Revolver was far superior to the PS3 sequel Red Dead Redemption. I also found the repetition of Batman Arkham Asylum to make the game sucky. And just know that I have about 2,000 different Batman comic books. I really like the character. I think that's why I enjoy the puzzles and strangeness of the LEGO games. I actually get to use my brain a little bit. Hmmmm...  come top think of it, I might actually hate Tokyo Jungle. Damn. I guess I'll publish this article anyway.