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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Miki Sudo: Competitive Eater

I'm taking a bit of a leap here, but the 2018 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship was won by Miki Sudo who ate 37 hot dogs (buns and wiener) in 10 minutes.

It was her 5th win at the event in a row.

Sudo's father is Japanese, and her mother Euro-American. She was born in 1985 in New York City, but moved with her family to Japan when she was five years-old, living in Japan for seven years before the entire family returned to the U.S.

Her total of 37 hot dogs wolfed down isn't her best total, and is her lowest total since she gobbled down 34 in 2014.

In 2015 she consumed 38 hot dogs; in 2016 it was 38.5; and in 2017 she managed to get 41 hot dogs down her gullet.

The above photo is from this year's event, and yeah... it's hardly flattering... then again, no speed eating competition really is.

As such, here's an image of Miki Sudo from a few years ago:

As of this article's publication, I am now the editor of a major Canadian food magazine in my day job. I love food, know a thing or two about it, can't cook, but sure as heck know how to eat it.

I've been to slaughter houses and seen animals killed and made into various meat products that I gladly ate. I love sausages, and I sure as heck love hot dogs. I've eaten a few of each this past week.

But 37 hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes... man... I think stuff like that and the men's winner Joey Chestnut and his 74 hot dogs devoured are intriguing, but I actually like to taste my food.

You know... enjoy it.

Anyhow... because I know you want to see it, here's a clip of the 2018 women's event:

Andrew Joseph
PS: On an unrelated story, Steve Dikto, the co-creator of Spider-man, and one of the best comic book artists ever, was found dead on June 29, 2018 at the age of 90. RIP, Steve.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ramen Noodle Stunt Eating

Because I recently took the crap out of Japanese women - and not in that fun we're having sweaty sex type of way - I thought I should see just what the actual appeal was for at least one of their desires.

During a recent survey, Japanese women were asked what they would like to do if they could be a man for a day. Click HERE.

One of the more popular responses was apparently: Enter a food-eating contest, which as you know involves eating as much of something in either the shortest period of time or within a set amount of time.

So… to see why some Japanese women found the allure of stuffing one's male face with as much food as possible interesting, I did a quick search of the internet - not spending more than 47 seconds searching for proof, while actually searching for something for work and accidentally coming across this poor concept of a blog article.

Anyhow… I found the following video on YOUTUBE, whereby a dude named Matt Stonie sucks back 11-pounds (5.09 kilograms) of cooked Instant Ramen noodles - which is the equivalent of 12 packs - in 10 minutes time.

What's the best part? He's a skinny ass dude who is a competitive eater yet weighs slightly less than my left leg.

Now… it doesn't appear as though the ramen noodles are steaming hot… which was why I present a second video of some other guy taking part in the Shin Sen Gumi Ramen Championship in Los Angeles, California back in 2012.

This guy isn't skinny - then again, neither is he obese. You can watch him choke down 14 steaming hot bowls of fresh ramen - and after winning, you can see him show-off and chug a beer. The kid beside him is sooooo skinny that I think he just came in off the streets to get a free hot meal.

This is why I never use public toilets to take a crap. You never know who used it before you.

Andrew Joseph