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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Risque Japanese Matchbox Labels 1

For some reason I forgot to post the blog I had planned for today - I left it behind on another computer. Oh well.

Instead, here are a few risque Japanese matchbox labels I found.

Andrew Joseph

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Past And Future Of Japanese Automobiles

Okay... even I admit this is filler, because I'm short on time to write something better, but what a photo montage!

What we have here are booth babes at an automobile show showing the latest in Japanese architecture.

The Nissan pictured on the left looks like a 1960s car, while I can only assume the car on the right depicts a concept car built by a Japanese auto manufacturer showing their vision of what the car of the future might look like.

Is it me, or are the wheels on the future car looking more like a Stark prototype hover car, or are the rounded wheels merely hidden by the full skirting that the booth babe has obviously failed to mimic. Not that I'm complaining.

Back in the 1950s when Japan's automobile industry was struggling to right itself after the horrors of WWII, the average Japanese family could not afford a family car. And why would you need one, when the country was already establishing its terrific train network for commutes between cities, had excellent buses and taxis, and bicycles were readily available.

Back then, it was still possible to live and commute without having to live outside the city where one called home.

As such, the Japanese automobile industry catered its business to markets outside of Japan, such as to North America and Europe.

However, even then nothing could compete against the might of the American auto industry, with its heavy steel and chrome machines that made the Japanese economical vehicle look like cheap toys.

It was a reputation that persisted through the 1980s and 1990s in the United States. In Canada, however, it was more than willing to accept Japanese cars as not only driveable, but as luxurious and fun.

My father had a 1981 Nissan Stanza, a 1984 Toyota Camry station wagon, and a 199s Toyota Camry station wagon... the later two I inherited and drove into the ground well into the year 2000. In between, I had a 1986 Mazda 323... a car the Japanese knew as the Familia.

In North America, it was originally called a GLC, then 323, then simply the Mazda 3. Personally, I miss the Camry wagons... they were full loaded with all the bells and whistles, and could really move quickly down the still uncrowded Toronto highways.

I did purchase a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon (it's Korean, but bear with me)... and when I drove it down to Chicago, I had people come up to me and ask me just what the heck I was driving because they had never seen anything like it. My point, is that even then, foreign cars... and I mean Japanese cars, were still a bit of a rarity in the U.S.

Sure there were Audi's and BMW's and Mercedes in the U.S., all considered luxury or sporty cars, but back at the turn of the 21st century, Americans still preferred to buy American.... regardless if the Japanese cars were being built in American factories (or Canadian ones).

Obviously what really drew my attention in the above photo were the booth babes.. the Japanese models whose job it was was to pose in front of the cars, and when the male customer asked the same old joke question, "Do you come with the car?" they would cover their mouth and snicker, "Oh, you..."

I must admit that prior to my three year jaunt in Japan, I really loved the look of the classical Japanese kimono, as nothing said Japan more than that!

Since then, the sexy, short skirted Japanese model has come to be more of an eye catcher for this old bugger, who freely admits he likes the thigh high boots...  but really hates the tiny futuristic car designs.

By the way... did you notice that the future car doesn't seem to have any doors? Me either. Still, I would assume that would imply it's not a very fast car, and is loaded with a whole bunch of safety features, and may even be driverless...

Personally, the whole concept of driverless cars is a complete waste of money. Or am I the only person who still likes to drive his own car?

I don't even care if I have to sit in traffic for hours... I still enjoy being in control of a car. 

Someone bring back tail fins! And maybe a bubble top!

Look at this American concept car from the 1950s. Are you telling me you wouldn't want to drive this car that highly resembles the torpedo bras of the era? I mean it has a hood scoop and everything! Okay... I can see how parking might be a bugger, but you have to admit this car is a head turner

Andrew "I'm currently driving a Nissan Micra SV" Joseph


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Japanese Girl Plays Flute With Her Boobs - No Nudity

Okay... first off, she's wearing a bra, but yes, presented for your amusement, is: A Japanese woman playing the recorder (vertical flute) using her boobs.

I know... you're like me... wondering if she uses her very nice boobs to somehow push out air—but no, she uses her mouth to force the air through the recorder.

It's her boobs that somehow manage to block off the 'finger holes' on the recorder to create different notes as she plays some song I've never heard of.

It might be random sounds, or it might be a real Japanese song. Who the heck knows?! Who the heck cares?!

The point is, my friends, is that she is using her boobs to play music. Video evidence below:    

In my defense, I have played with both a Japanese woman and her boobs, and have have played the recorder. Just never like that. I don't think she'd let me touch them.


Seriously, I can still make mine move without having to do jumping jacks or jogging—by actually flexing. Still, I'm no longer sure I can play the recorder. It might take me four or five minutes to relearn, and honestly, I can't spare the time.

Remember, it's not what song you play, but how you play it.

Andrew whatta boob Joseph   
PS: Thanks, Julien!

Monday, January 5, 2015

How To Be A Pro Girlfriend

My friend Michael over at Stone Bridge Press - the publishers who have a keen focus on book related to Japan and Asia (Check'em out HERE) - recently sent me a challenge... to provide my take on a phenomenon that is supposedly spreading across Japan.

I'll leave you to decide just what is being spread, but the topic focuses on Japanese women known as the 'pro girlfriend'.

While I did have one of those back in Toronto - a woman who was a professional high-class escort -a German woman who liked to call me her little Shotzi (sp?), which means 'pet', I was indeed a kept man - which isn't all that bad considering she liked to spend money on me.

Since I assume she wasn't keeping me around for any huge reason, I believe it was because I was a normal guy who could make her laugh. I looked okay, too, as I had also begun to work out while back in Toronto and added about 30 centimeters (12 inches) to my chest while reducing my waist to effectively give myself a nice triangle upper body. Oh! And the hair! Half-way down my back falling from straight, to waves to ringlets at the base. Man, I miss that.

Anyhow, in the case of the Japanese pro girlfriend or puro garufriendo, these chickies are NOT hookers, escorts or ladies of the evening. No.. they are instead women who date or marry men who are professional entertainers or professional athletes... the key being that the women aren't involved in either.

At first glance, having been one of them myself, I say 'big whoop'. What's the problem, or what's the big fricking deal?

Okay, while I was picked up at a bar by my Teutonic babe who could turn every guy's eye at any event we went to, the Japanese pro girlfriends tend to actually stalk these guys in an effort to land one.

Again... what's the big deal?

The Beatles used to have women chase them all the time... I think they called them Apple Tarts (Apple Studios)... and may even have written the song Savory Truffle about them - but I could be wrong.

Hockey players call them "Puck Bunnies" in polite terms, but I'm sure you can come up with something else that rhymes with 'puck'.

Football has 'cleat chasers'. Baseball has 'diamond doll groupie', but other terms include 'slump buster', 'road beef', 'jersey chaser',  '5 Star Chicks' and of course 'cleat diggers'. 

I've never used one of those terms before, and aside from the Beatles and the hockey terms, I had to look the others up. And that's just sports. There are always folks who chase after musicians in a band, or actors as well.    

In Japan - apparently the media is ONLY just starting to catch on... I mean... this is 2015... surely people have heard of Wilt 'The Stilt' Chamberlain who claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women because... well... I'm sure he was the big man on and off the basketball court.

So whither Japan and the 'pro girlfriend'? Who cares...

Still... Japan Today and original source Japan's Excite News decided to offer up advice on how Japanese women seeking to embark upon a life of whoring themselves out (as a guy, I can honestly say it was fun to be a whore) to Japanese actors and athletes and musicians.

I will say that the advice offered up is pretty vague:  

1. Bump into them where they eat, drink and play
Find a place where famous people like to go for drinks, and become friends with the manager or bartender. That way, when you stop by to see your pals, there’s also the possibility of a chance encounter with a single actor or pop star.
Of course, famous people tend to have expensive tastes, and you might not have the funds to bankroll becoming a regular at a watering hole frequented by A-listers. Not a problem, says romance-themed Internet portal Hitomebore, since you can instead just get a job working in a bar or restaurant with a star-studded clientele. A-ha!

Are you effing kidding me? D'uh. Find out where your prey hangs out and then trap him. Wow. I never would have thought of that.   

2. Meet them through your work connections
While being a waitress is undeniably tough work, it’s at least a profession with a comparatively low barrier to entry. That’s something you can’t say about the jobs Tokyo Dokujo Style mentions in its advice.
If you’re a reporter or newscaster, the single women’s lifestyle site says, or employed by a professional sports team or athletic equipment maker, you’ll have chances for face-to-face meetings with pro athletes. Once you’ve met, your relationship can develop in a similar manner to the thousands of people who find their spouses through their work.
There’s a bit of a catch here, though. Becoming a newscaster is no mean feat. The imbalance between the many people who’d like the job versus the few positions actually available is comparable to the level of competition to become a professional actor or athlete. Landing a job with a sports team or athletic equipment company is a less daunting task, but we’re guessing you have to rise pretty high up the corporate ladder before they’re sending you out to talk with the on-field talent.
And should you manage to reach to a position where you’re regularly rubbing muscular shoulders with athletes (or well-moisturized elbows with actors and vocalists), odds are you got there by being intelligent, dedicated, and good with people, all of which mean you’ve probably developed a wide network of acquaintances and potential mates, with the large chance that one of them, while not famous, is a better match for you.

Okay... so now you have to be a reasonably successful person yourself in order to meet them at or via your work. So far this is sounding a lot like regular dating or stalking. The advice is sound, but it's so obvious that if you have to learn how to do this HERE, you aren't smart enough to have such a job.  

3. Start on the ground floor, and work your way up
Finally, we come to the tactic laid out by women’s Internet portal Venus Tap, which is to start off as a fan, and get your crush to notice you through your admiration of how he plies his craft. Just sending fan letters isn’t enough, since popular entertainers and athletes get so many yours are likely to be buried under a pile of ones from other admirers and may not even open them themselves. It’s important to send your correspondence express, as not only will it arrive before those of your rivals, having “express mail” stamped across the envelope is sure to tell the object of your affection that you care more about him than those other girls who can’t be bothered to splurge on the postage surcharge.
Venus Tap also offers pointers for when you’re waiting for an actor to leave the venue where he’s just performed. Instead of just screaming, “Oh my God! It’s really him,” try to engage him in a conversation, taking extra care to choose words that will leave a lasting impression. Afterwards, make sure to dash off another fan letter mentioning your chat, and send it ASAP (and express, remember).

The key point of fan is the work 'fanatic'... which is what this point suggests. I'm just completely agog at the whole meaninglessness of this 'helpful' article.

The article goes on to suggest that for most people the 'fan' method is probably the best, but doesn't mention that's because it thinks people who make this their goal are pretty much losers.

Obviously I have no problems with a regular person dating a 'famous' or 'superstar' one. I was picked up in a bar by an excessive beauty. I did frequent strip clubs and did ask out a number of exotic dancers (they true key is to always look at their eyes... they notice this and it confuses them... it's a compliment, really... and it always separates you from the other ogling, drooling guy). I used to give them by business card and suggest  - no pressure - that should they ever want to go out, give me a call. Most will simply take your business card and never look at it again - even when they know you are a writer - but one out of 10... stuff happens, and you get a phone call for a date.

I would suggest that for women stalking the man of their dreams, it can be a bit easier than for a man stalking a woman... men are dogs, and if they can get a piece on the side, they will. Making the man believe you are worth dating again and again... that can be trickier. Women with male 'stalkers'... women are smarter than men and more than likely have their guard up.

There is also the issue for both sexes that the object of their affection has a posse... or body guards, as is more and more common - to protect the individual from unwanted attention.

I would suggest for the Japanese woman who wants to be a pro girlfriend that dress for suck-cess is also important. I told you... guys are dogs. Looking gorgeous is one thing. Looking gorgeous in an outfit that is revealing is at least a better chance at being noticed.

Being intelligent might also help... but I wonder. Obviously not all sports, movie or musicians are super geniuses - but they can be. Most, probably aren't. I said most. I know you can't stereotype people and professions. But, for many in those three visible professions, the art has been their focus long before they graduated from school... with school not necessarily being something they concentrated on as much as say... baseball.

Proof? Have you ever listened to pro athletes speak? Most (again, I said most) can not speak the language properly. Over at the Wayne Gretzky restaurant in Toronto, I walked in a few days after the place opened 20 years ago. A nice place. There were many sports-related paraphernalia there, including a signed set of Michael Jordon Nike basketball shoes.

While I no longer recall the EXACT quote, I was 'impressed' (sarcasm) with Michael Jordon's grammatical error on his note and signature to Wayne, offering up a congratulations "on you're" new restaurant. On "You Are" restaurant? How about "Your"? Michael, like 95% of all professional basketball players in the US went to university, so he should have some semblance of English grammar.

And, should you believe that to be a common mistake, I will say that it is... but that doesn't mean it is an acceptable mistake.

So... perhaps the Japanese pro girlfriend needs to know her target. Smart, but not too smart.

Me? I only ever dated women who were as smart or smarter than I. Naive is fine, stupid is not.

Right there I question the whole 'smartness' of any pro girlfriend who targets a person based solely on their financial means ($$$ or ¥¥¥)... and this is coming from me... but it sounds kind of 'sleazy'.

I am sure many a woman has met a pro athlete, musician and entertainer without having to whore themselves or stalk them as the advice contained here seems to suggest... 

Japanese pro girlfriend... why bother? Do you need the money and fame that badly? And surely the object of you affection knows that and will create a per-nuptual agreement to ensure it doesn't remain that way should the relationship fail.

I'm just sad that the media has had to create a term (pro girlfriend) at all.

Andrew Joseph

Thursday, May 29, 2014

AKB48 Members Attacked By Saw-Wielding Maniac

He came, he saw, he disrembered why he was there.

On Sunday May 25, 2014, two members of the all-hot girl group AKB48 were attacked by a man with a saw during a fan event in Takizawa, Iwate-ken.

The saw is a folding saw, which looks quite ominous, but luckily for the two women: Kawaei Rina, 19, and Iriyama Anna, 18, they only suffered cuts to their heads and fingers - which isn't to say they were minor injuries, only that it could have been much worse.

Still, the women underwent emergency surgery at the Iwate Medical University Hospital in Morioka, and (exhale) the surgery was successful, and are now in stable condition, possibly able to leave on Tuesday. 

The special meet-and-greet event allows fans to meet members of the group in person, allowing the fans to enter the tents individually to shake hands or possible pose for photos with the group members.

Iriyama Anna, AKB48
Interesting that the fans are allowed in individually. I've only ever seen mayhem at events like ComicCon, with fanboys and fangrrls stand in a long line-up with their target celebrity in sight, with only the need to line-up in a straight line and having $20 to $50 (or more) to pay for the honor being the chief form of security.  No… I've never paid for an autograph. I'm a fan, not a fanatic. 

The singers were standing at the entrance to a tent, and were immediately set upon by the 24-year-old attacker, Umeta Satoru (image at the top), who said later that he was not trying to specifically kill anyone in AKB48, but rather, just wanted to kill anyone.


Sounds like someone has some major mental health issues going on, which doesn't excuse the crime, but does indicate that Umeta needs some help rather than just straightforward jail time.

What's interesting, is that even though Umeta says he just wanted to kill someone - only no one in particular, still the police want to know what his motive was.

His motive? He was not in his right mind. Mental health issues! There's no legitimate motive… just someone who's messed up and doesn't know he's messed up.

Umeta snuck his folding knife in a bag to avoid detection.

An example of a folding saw, open and closed - it can do some damage if used violently.

There were no bag checks at this event—fans say even then AKB48 events don't have much in the way of cursory checks anyway—which has many calling for tighter security.

Knee meet jerk. There's nothing wrong with having tighter security, but in this day and age, it should have been implemented long before anything like this had to happen.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… there are few guns in Japan and excluding turf wars between alleged gang members or other gangster-related activities, violent crimes are rare in Japan.

But here's the thing… for some reason - perhaps because of a larger range of media - there seems to be more violent crimes committed by people with mental health issues. I'm not just talking about Japan. No - pick a country - any country, and you'll see someone snap and behead someone on a bus.

You don't need a gun to be violent. Knives work well, as do swords. Where could someone get a sword in Japan? Any damn place you want. How about the sword shop down by the corner. It's not like the sword shop owners are checking to see if the purchaser is in his or her right mind…
Kawaei Rina, AKB48

Here's the thing… most people will never be able to tell if someone is suffering from some sort of mental/chemical imbalance.

They look and act perfectly sociable, but in their head, it's another matter as whatever it is that causes the thoughts is telling them to be socially 'bad'. They might even know that what they are doing is wrong, but the brain is convincing them that it needs to be done… and for whatever reason, they do it.

Afterwards, they might feel guilt over it, some might not. Some might feel the thrill of having done something bad, and will want to do it again. Some might not even recall doing what they did.

I've been told that they feel that it wasn't them doing these bad things, that it was someone else - which I understand as a concept, but don't buy as an excuse.

Umeta did do what he did, but because of a possible mental health reason, is he responsible for his actions?

It's a grey matter, if you'll pardon the pun.

While medication may not be the panacea for everyone's mental health problems - someone people are born with a defective brain - it might help.

I do think they are guilty, and may need to be segregated from society, but not in jail… perhaps in  healthcare facility where their mental issues can be closely examined and hopefully treated.

Anyhow, even though I'm not a fan of AKB48's music, I am a fan of hot Japanese women, and am glad their injuries were not severe.

Needless to say, after the incident, many of the AKB48 events have been canceled.

Andrew Joseph
PS: No…  I do not suffer from any sort of chemical or mental imbalance. Yes, I do know quite a few people, including some in my family, who suffer from it… everything from depression, social anxiety disorder (afraid to drive on the highway or at night, or afraid to go into a store in case the clerks realize you don't know how to apply make-up), bi-polar (manic-depression), schizophrenia (as an example, hearing messages from the dog, or secret color coded messages from the television) - oh yes, I've come across those first hand.
… and though no one has physically hurt anyone (that I am aware of), the mental and emotional scars they leave behind on others are every bit as painful as what they (the ones with the chemical imbalance) suffer. Yes… it's a sore subject.
It makes me wonder. Growing up, I never saw anything like this. But, in my 20s… there it was. In my 30s, now I see more of it. In my 40s, it seems like more people than not have some sort of mental issue.
Is there an epidemic? Is it something social, societal, something with our diet? Or again, is it just a larger population means more issues, even though percentage-wise it's still the same as it was 100 years ago?  Or, are we just hearing more about it thanks to instant media? Or are people talking about it more because the social stigma isn't as damning as it was before? I said "as damning", implying that it still is damning…   
PPS: As for my sensational headline, it was meant to create a sensation. For legal reasons, let's say the attacker is an "alleged" maniac.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soaplands - Rub You A Wrong Time

With Japan's economy feeling like it just got a shot of Viagra and Cialis via the new Abenomics stimulation package, various business sectors have begun to feel movement… including… down there, if you know what I mean.

Proving that there's a sucker born every minute, Japan's Soaplands are feeling the rise in public purchasing power, as it comes to a header in renewed demand for its services.

Soaplands are a place where you can be loved for a long time - as long as you have the money - by sexy Japanese women who will wash your filthy genitalia in warm soapy suds.

Soaplands came into existence in 1958... coincidentally that was when sexual intercourse type prostitution became illegal in Japan. But, at that time, women did indeed wash men for money - and the whole thing was called turuko-buro (Turkish bath).

After Turks got upset that the Japanese were using this offensive name for things other than bathing, the Japanese held a nationwide contest to rename the places... and Soapland was chosen, because... everybody loves English.

Now… since I have no personal knowledge on what actually goes on within the confines of a room at a Soapland, I can only assume that the soapy, sudsy tiny, calloused hands of the Soapland workers must accidentally come into contact with either the customer's penis or testicular ball sack whilst they clean him down there. That the said contact might cause a rise in emotions for the customer, is a possibility. As such, to ensure that the customer will have a pleasant experience, the Soapland worker does her best to ensure that there is some sort of happy ending.

I should state that officially, no sexually intercourse is actually performed at a Soapland, as sexual intercourse for money is against the law in Japan, and I am sure no Soapland would want to be in breach of the law.

Whether said happy ending involves the Soapland worker utilizing her hand to provide a digital experience; or whether lip-service is provided; or whether a probing into a tight spot might cause a sticky situation to conclude… well… that's up to one's wallet, isn't it?

Okay… enough beating around the bush… you can get jerked off, blown or screwed at a Soapland. And… business is up.

Why? People have more money to spend thanks to a better economy.

People are horny.

People are old or Chinese.


Well, while not exclusive, by any means, there is indeed a boom in business at Japan's Soaplands, and businesses are seeing a rise in customers coming over from China, as well as from Japan's own senior citizen population. And even old Chinese people.
Soupy Sales... that's different. Damn Auto-correct.

Ancient, Chinese secret, huh?
According to a July 26, 2013 article in Japan Today, they talked with Ikoma Akira (surname first), the editor of Ore no Tabi, a soft porn magazine, who says there seems to be an increase in business at the Soaplands on the 15th of every other month when the Nenkin (national pension) checks (cheques, too) are doled out.

"Around those days you can see nattily dressed seniors marching in. While some places in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku don’t admit older men, Yoshiwara’s more broadminded—you don’t see them treated that way.”

Some places don't admit the older men? Interesting. I get it. I would assume that it takes a bit more work to get the older boys off, and that's not something a Soapland worker can afford, as the business revolves around a quick turnover so that one can make more money hand over fist.

Ikoma adds: "Men who have made a killing in the stock market might opt to visit a super deluxe shop that charges 60,000 yen or more for two hours."

¥60,000 is about $600, which is a lot of money… considering one could probably hire a pair of women in Toronto for full on dual action (FFM) and still have change left over to get your car washed too (see HERE).

Now… lest one think that Soaplands are beyond your reach, there are many places that cater to simple folks who have a smaller budget, so to speak, where, for between ¥10,000 - ¥20,000 ($100-$200), you can still have fun… but your time is up after 30 minutes. Or sooner.

The thing is… if you are paying ¥60,000 for a couple of hours of fun, you may indeed have multiple shots on goal, but ensure you check first with the dealer, because your mileage may vary.

Now… according to the Japan Today article, senior citizens looking to have someone choke their chicken or gobble their turkey or cook their goose (hmm, that's not a proper bird euphemism for ducking... whoops, spelled that one wrong), well, these old boys might be horny or lonely or horny, but they aren't stupid.

Despite looking to have sex with women as young as their granddaughter, it can be tough to attain and maintain their interest in things… and as such, erectile dysfunction pills are often taken by the old dudes, who are affectionately known as the 'Yoshiwara pensioners tribe'.

According to one Soapland owner, one tribe member in his 80s boasted that after spending ¥2,000 ($20) on a little blue pill, he was able to do it twice in a month - once at the Soapland, and once with his wife. Who knew those pills lasted that long?

They don't.

I think I can - I think I can - I think I can… 
If we listen to Fukushima Hiroki (surname first), the president of Tokyo's Toshima Ward-based Toho International (Japanese language school), and a person who makes it his business to know about affluent Chinese consumers:

"Two years ago the restrictions on tourist visas to Japan were relaxed, and since then word has been circulated that Yoshiwara is the place to go for ‘the ultimate in service'."

While everyone knows that China also has Soaplands (I assume everyone knows), the Chinese themselves say that those places are as boring as watching paint dry on a Great Wall - all two of them.

As such, when they visit Japan, they hit the Soaplands, as they feel they are treated better… not just as a customer, but as a lover.

Didn't I already use: Me love you long time? - as a line? How about: "Me rub you a long time"?

Anyhow... it's not just about sex, the visitors enjoy the customer service of free cigarettes or juice - things that are apparently paid for by the Soapland workers out of their own pocket.

They have pockets?

"Nothing up my sleeve - presto!"
"I sure do love your apple juice."

They also will provide an offer to iron out the wrinkles on one's slacks, which I assume is code for something dirty, because I'm pretty sure they have laundries in China.

I personally can't believe that the Japan Today article bothered to write that part about the fact that the Chinese are visiting Soaplands and that it's not merely for the sex.

For the price of a smoke and a juice, getting your clock cleaned (I think that was a typo) at a Soapland is ALL about the sex. Let's not be naive here.

Soaplands… not about sex? Don't make me angry… I'll get all in a lather and might go off all over you here in this blog.

Andrew Joseph
PS - Auto-correct kept trying to change 'seaplanes' into 'seaplanes'. Holy crap - did it again! Really! It changes 'Soaplands' into 'seaplanes'. Auto-correct makes me feel dirty. And stupid.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby You Can Dry My Car

I've owned a few cars in my relatively short life: a 1974 Chevy Nova, 1986 Mazda 323 (Familia), 1986 Toyota Camry wagon, 1998 Ford Escort (wagon) 2000, Hyundai Tiberon, 2005 Mazda Tribute, 1995 SAAB 900 and a 2006 Mazda 6 (wagon)... and all in all, I have probably used a car wash maybe 20 times... and that's a generous estimate.

All in all, I probably have never spent more than $10 at a time to have my car washed. As such... I am always amazed that some people will spend more... like ¥10,000 ($100). 

Granted, if I was to spend ¥10,000 to have my car washed, it better be pretty special. And that's just what is offered for those with more money than sex appeal.

Yes... now you can go have your car buffed clean by a bevy of sexy Japanese girls in Tokyo, Japan.

I'm not jealous. Even though my days of being a sexyboy are long since past, not once did I feel the need to have my car washed by women in bathing suits, and I still don't feel that way.It sucks not being rich and powerful. I'm not rich.

If I'm going to enjoy life in the fast lane, it will be me being worked to a lather and not my car.

But... if that's your thing - have at thee. Go check out the Swimsuit Carwash in Akihabara (see
For ¥10,000 and until August 30, 2013 (after that it either gets too nippy (triple entendre) or the car washers have to go back to school) (I know they aren't on vacation from school!) you drive your car into the S3 Warehouse in Chiyoda, Tokyo where a pair of swimsuit clad sexy Japanese babes will clean your car... which is not an euphemism.

The 20-minute job includes hosing (the car and you of your money), sponging (the car), high pressure rinses, hand drying (the car) and even tire waxing. There are also a couple of un-named bonus cleaning techniques that the owners does not wish to divulge for fear of copy-cats at the other car washes...

We assume this is all on the up and up and is not a soapland for the driver to get off.

However, having said that, you the driver may remain in the car while the initial washing goes on. But... once the soap starts to fly, you must vacate the vehicle - see - not a soapland - and can watch the women clean your vehicle... or you can walk around and look at the scenery outside the warehouse.

If I paid ¥10,000 for a carwash, I'm watching the women.

There is a complimentary drink while you wait, and while there is no photography to protect the car washing process, they will provide you with a commemorative photo and certificate of you and your car... so I can assume you can show the wife and kids before displaying both proudly at work to impress your business contacts that you own a cherry ride cleaned by women who have long lost their cherry. I assume.

Click HERE for brief (ha-ha) bios of the lovely car wash attendants.

Ahh... but here's the rub... for some reason... no high-end cars are allowed. That means no luxury cars like a Rolls Royce or Bentley... or exotics like a McLaren or Ferrari or Maserati. My other car is a Lamborghini Veneno (one of three!). 

Wait... so people with money to spend on high-end cars can't get their car washed here? So who exactly is Swimsuit Carwash in Akihabara catering to? Average schmoes like you and me?

While I am sure the only way I'm getting a 21-year-old Japanese babe to look at me is to run her over with my car, I still won't pay ¥10,000. Fug. I can't even say I must be getting old... because even young, I wouldn't have done this.

I guess I like my cars like I like my women: older and dirty.

Andrew Joseph
PS: After I finished writing this blog entry, it began to rain. Figures. It always happens after you write about getting your car washed. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Perverts Я Us - Japanese Girls Rent Own Body For Ads

To be fair, I have certainly seen a lot of people rent out their body for ad space.

All one has to do is check out a boxing event, or an MMA event. To be honest, what's the difference between having an ad for PornHub on your back versus having an ad placed all over your shirt or other clothing. For that, check out NASCAR, European soccer and hockey - anyone wearing a T-shirt with a Nike swoosh or logo for some other brand.

But, in Japan… it's about product placement.

The next big thing to come out of Japan involves sexy, young Japanese women walk around with an advertising sticker placed appropriately on an exposed portion of their supple leg… above the sock, and below the skirt.

People will look - which is why I am writing about this.

And, when you have looked, you have proved that they marketing method works.

Everyone knows that sex sells. One of the first pieces I ever wrote was a column for my college newspaper back in 1989. My lead: Sex! Sex! Sex! (Followed by: "Now that I have your attention… ")

Needless to say, that comedy column receives some great reviews with people  I'd never seen before at school coming up to me to tell me they liked my writing.

Knowing the answer, I asked anyways: What made you read my piece?

To a man, they all answered that my opening line written in caps and bolded certainly caught their attention.

I asked them if they read any other other articles in the newspaper, and nearly to a man they said no.

Give the people what they want! While that's an old Kinks song from the 80s - O'Jays, too. - but certainly an adage far older than that! Maybe.

In Japan, as in any other country, getting people to look at an ad is important. Of course, the ad must be done in a manner appropriate to one's brand.

Would Toshiba or Toyota utilize a marketing plan like this—-unlikely. They know the medium doesn't quite fit the image they wish to convey.

But a lot of companies probably would.

The brainchild of Absolute Territory PR (絶対領域), the company says that the number of women renting out a bit of space is increasing daily. 

Absolute Territory PR takes its name from the Japanese phrase 'zettai ryouiki koukoku' (absolute territory).

Sounds interesting - but then you see how pervy it all is when you realize that the Japanese phrase is slang for 'the exposed bit of leg between a knee high sock and a skirt.'

Some people feel that this exposed bit of skin is drop dead sexy—sexier even than a bit of cleavage.

I will agree with this only because it is still a relatively new phenomenon… cleavage has been shown off for centuries… the mysteries of the leg - that's still a recent thing, sociologically speaking.

Heck… even if you look at cleavage (insert joke here), the concept of seeing exposed bottom boob seems to be more titillating than cleavage-exposed inside boob or top boobs pressed together.

Yes... I apparently have put some thought into this topic.

According to Absolute Territory PR, it only hires women over 18 who are willing to wear the stickers for a minimum of eight hours a day.

As well, they are expected to update their personal social media pages with pictures of their thigh-high ad over the course of the day - but only after they have over 20 social media followers.

Followers? I'm going to say stocking stalkers.

Will this be a success? Well, truth be told, it has a chance.

My issue is for the walking billboards, if you know what I mean about issue.

In this case - take a look at any of the advertisement stickers in the attached photos. Now, after you have realized you can't see up their skirt,  can you actually read the advertisement?

Just how close do you have to get to read it?

Pretty damn close.

Safety now becomes the issue.

Japan has long had boundary issues. Whether it's keeping people out of their country, or wanting and thus grabbing whatever and whomever they want - often in a sexual assault kind of way.

We can all laugh at the silly way this ad campaign is being processed, but when you stand back and take a good hard look, unless the product being hawked is for a sex-industry-related product (including pharmaceuticals) just what sort o clientele are you trying to entice.

"Uh, yeah… mum, like I saw your ad on Kimiko-chan over at the corner of unnamed-street and what-street-sign avenue, and like I just had to come over. Twice. And then I thought… yes, I do want a bowl of ramen noodles. And a bit of pram please… know what I mean? Nudge-nudge-wink-wink."

Seriously. Yes, sex sells. Everyone recalls the sexy Dorito's girl doing the splits while catching a chip in her mouth at the laundromat (HERE), or the commercials (montage HERE).

But, you better believe there's also a lot of negative flack (as opposed to positive flack) that goes with these popular ads.

But to me, walking around in a short skirt is one thing, walking around in a skirt and needing to have people stare at your legs to see an advertisement is a whole new level of skankiness - and I don't mind skanky.

But this just seems like its going to invite trouble for these young women trying to earn an 'honest buck.' 

Man… I think I'm getting old… and I'm using the word 'but' too much to start a sentence.

Thanks to MH for the lead!

Andrew Joseph

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sexy Japanese Girls

My friend Mike Rogers over at the Marketing Japan blog had tried tried to cater to the masses, and found that they like cheesecake.

So as a caterer, he dug up some photos of some of the most beautiful models and actresses Japan has to offer.

But... he removed the photos from the blogs he had originally posted them at leaving us all that much less happier. So... to help him out - and myself (I love cheesecake!) - I thought I would provide different photos (I hope) because, well... because I want to.


Saaya Irie 入江紗綾
Born: November 15, 1993 in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, she is an actress, voice actress, junior idol and singer. And, nine months before she was born, I was in the area. Really. Coincidence. Perhaps.

Arisa Taki 滝ありさ 
Born: March 11, 1987, she stands 158 centimeters (5'-2") tall and has measurements of 88-58-84 centimeters
(34.6-23.8-33 inches).

Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛
Born: February 26, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. She is 160 cm (5'-3") tall and has measurements of 87-60-88 (34.25-23.6-34.6 inches). Her blood type is A.

Mai Nishida 西田麻衣
Born: March 23, 1989 in Kyoto, Japan, she is 158 cm (5'-2") tall and has measurements of G88.9-58.4-81.3 centimeters (35DD-23-32 in a western cup, perhaps). Her blood type is O.

Minase Yashiro 八代みなせ
Born: February 3, 1985 in Gifu-ken, Japan, she is 165 cm (5'-5"). Her blood type is O.

Momo Nakajima 中島もも 
Born: March 23, 1992, she is 157 centimeters (5'-2") tall, and has measurements of 83-58-82 centimeters (32.7-22.8-32.3 inches). her blood type is A.

 Shizuka Nakamura 中村靜香 
Born: September 9, 1988, she is 168 centimeters (5'-6") tall with measurements of F85-60-86 centimeters (33.5-23.6-33.9 inches). That's a Japanese F cup, so perhaps a western D-cup).

Asami Tada 多田あさみ
Born: September 27, 1988, she is 167 centimeters () tall with measurements of F92 - 58 - 86 centimeters (western D inches). She is an AV (adult video star).
Yuri Murakami 村上友梨 
Born: July 11, 1992, she is 164 centimeters (5'-5.7") tall and has measurements of 79-56-79 (31.1-22-31.1 inches). her blood type is A. And, perhaps it's the haircut, but I find her exciting!

Rui Kiriyama 桐山瑠衣 
Born: January 15, 1991. in Tokyo, she is 157 centimeters (5'-2") tall and has measurements of 98-58-88 centimeters (38.6-22.8-34.65 inches). Oh my!   

Reimi Tachibana 立花麗美
Born: June 16, 1986, in Kagoshima, she is 154 centimeters (5'-0.5") tall and her measurements are 83-58-84 centimeters (32.7-22.8-33.1 inches). Her blood type is O. 


Andrew Joseph

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Akiko Concludes And Helps Conclude Andrew's Tale Again

It's finally May 25, 1993... and I'm back at school. It's 7:45 in the AM, and Akiko comes up as bubbly as ever and asks me how I am.
I'm tired and had another restless night - bad dreams of something I can't recall... but I get the feeling SHE - as in my girlfriend (?) Noboko wasn't in my dreams. Or perhaps she was... She is gorgeous....
I ask Akiko about herself.
"Fine. Uhmmm... I mean great!"
"No problems?" I inquire.
"No. Everything is all right."
"Did you call him?" I ask with a bit of distaste on his name.
"No. He called me from his work."
(Oh... so he has a real job? No bank robber is ever going to call up a woman in another country to chat while he's knee deep in a vault.)
She continues: "He apologized for not calling earlier. He says he didn't get the message until the morning because his granny was asleep. Then, he didn't have time in the morning, so he waited until the evening."
"Oh," I say. "See... I told you there was nothing to worry about."

"How about you?" she dares to ask me.
Nertz, I think to myself... I had long ago made myself a promise that if anyone was to ever ask me a question here in Japan that I would always tell the truth. So I tell Akiko about last night's conversation with Noboko - in part.
She asks me if we talked for a long time.
When I say five or 10 minutes, she looks surprised. "Did you hang up on her?"
"No. I'm not sure. Maybe. Yes."
Akiko seems to know me better than I know myself. Or maybe she knows I'm angry and that a short telephone call when there are affairs of the heart involved can only mean someone—the hot-head boyfriend—hangs up on the confused girlfriend. She's right.

I am still new to the whole dating thing despite being nearly 28-years-old, and definitely new to the dating of Japanese women... but I certainly have crammed a lot of both into the past two-and-a-half-years. Combine in the fact that along with being introspective and talking almost exclusively to objective women about my women problems, I feel as though I have a better-than-average handle on things. Trust me... if I talk to a guy, I would just get: "Screw her brains out and have a beer" or "Dump her, find someone else and screw her brains out and have a beer."    
Not all men are like that, but I also know that most men preferred to talk to ME about their problems, so why would I dump MY problems onto them? Remember... I usually have a smile on my face and thus appear to not have too many problems.
Folks like Matthew knew the real extent because the two of us would talk (alcohol - conversation lubrication)... but I think that when it comes to women... getting information from other women is paramount. Know thy enemy.

Anyhow... Akiko tells me not to worry.
I stubbornly tell her I'm not.
"Will you call her?"
"Probably not... it's not, after all, my problem."
(What should I do? ... I chased and chased after Ashley after every single one of her screw ups and feel as though I looked weak. Can't a guy look resolute in his stubbornness?)
Akiko nods her head... either in mock acceptance or in awe at my stubbornness.
When it comes to affairs of the heart... I'm always unsure if women hear when the listen. Conversely, I am unsure if I ever say anything when I speak.

In conclusion... I did not have to maintain my stubbornness for very long. By 6PM that night, Noboko was knocking on my apartment door. That's pretty early for a Japanese teacher to have already left school... but she looked so sad when I opened the door that I'm sure everyone at school realized there was something sad inside her.
Noboko apologized immediately for not coming to me first to tell me what was going on. It's funny. I'm unsure if it was the day's delay from hearing her apology over the telephone, or talking to Akiko which made me realize that I should give the apologizing woman a break, or the fact that Noboko has buried herself in my chest and is crying loudly about how much she loves me.
I can be a hard man, folks. I have said that God forgives, but I don't.... but despite my fawning over Ashley... Noboko made me feel completely... I don't know... gooey inside. If she were here right now, I would share my chocolate PEZ with her. And even now, that is not an euphemism.    
We made up and lived happily ever after.
Andrew Joseph
I wish that last line was true...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Japanese Women And Foreign Men

It's true that many Japanese men hate foreign men because we have the eye of the Japanese woman.

There are many reasons for Japanese women wanting to be with the foreign man - at least initially.

There is the perception that the foreigner male is less chauvinistic than his Japanese male counterpart. That is subjective. I know plenty of men who have a snout and piggy ears who are not Japanese. But... if I were to at least examine the way things were 20 years ago in Japan - holy crap, man! Japan was maybe 30 or 40 years behind the times. Maybe more.

Best example: Junior high school. Female teachers are sitting in the teacher's lounge after school working, grading tests, et al. The men are discussing sumo results from the past event. I walk in, bow to everyone and join the men in the sumo chat. Someone notices I do not have a o-cha (green tea) in my hand, and bellows for a female teacher to get one for me and for all of the other male teachers. Us men are two feet away from the tea trays, but the women get up en masse and make us all o-cha. Never have I been more embarrassed to be a man, and perhaps the second time I have been proud to be a non-Japanese man. The first was when I tried to squeeze into a Japanese condom and had it fly off and nearly hit my Japanese woman date du jour in the forehead. 

That might be another reason why Japanese women want a foreign man as a boyfriend... and why MAYBE Japanese men hate foreign men. Penis envy. No idea. I never actually asked about that, because those that hated foreigner men weren't the type I wanted to talk to.

I should actually state that I NEVER actually came up to any Japanese people who expressed a dislike for foreign men, and I only state this because I have read a few other blogs were some Japanese men have a hard-on against foreign men. I said 'against' not 'for' - though that exists too.

Another reason - and I'm only going on what the married female friends of mine confided to me... many Japanese women want more out of life than what a Japanese man can provide them... they do not want to marry a man who is more committed to his company work than the spousal company he keeps.

As such... in my next blog, I would like to present a conversation I had with my female, Japanese English teacher friend Akiko. It involves me, the foreign guy and his Japanese girlfriend, and a Japanese woman and her foreign boyfriend. 

No... Akiko and I are just friends... although if she wanted to...

Until next time
Andrew Joseph
PS: In the photo above that I have used at least twice previously in the  past three years, is one I took showing a Western condom and a Japanese condom (right) that I blew up as balloons merely for the photo op. Despite being of Indian descent  - who according to THIS BLOG - and am supposed to be small, all I can say is that I am proud to be an above-average Canadian.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Godzilla Haiku 13

Tokyo girls are hot
Especially when burning
I will never date.

A haiku by Andrew Joseph sweating in 87F heat in his house at 8PM thanks to his A/C conking out. As you hopefully know, a haiku is a 3-line Japanese poem with the first and third lines having five syllables each and the second line having seven. To me, Godzilla has always been about Japan.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

No Sex Please - We Are Young Japanese Men

If you are a young man, middle-aged man, old man, single, married or both - and not Japanese, you might want to take a trip to Japan soon.

While Japan is known for its fetishes, porn, liberal views on sex - despite the western image of Japan as being a bunch of straight, suit-wearing men with black-framed glasses and no sense of humor - there is, according to a recent study a disturbing trend going on n the country. Well, perhaps it's more disturbing for the heterosexual Japanese women.

Studies (plural) seem to dictate that young Japanese men don't really want to date or have sex.

Have the youth of today had their ego destroyed by one gaijin's sexual romps through their country 20 years ago? Uh... that would be me.

Is it because they have grown up without a father? Could I be their father?

No. Nothing could be father, I mean farther from the truth, though I suppose it could be possible I have about 20 kids somewhere, in which case I think I need a legal battle with the Trojan folks. 

Excuse me... but I have to sit down. Young Japanese men aren't interested in dating or sex?! What is wrong with you Japan? Did I teach you nothing in three years?! You can have your cake and eat it too... and then screw the cake.   

The survey was conducted in June 2010 by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, a research group related to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, was based on answers from roughly 7,000 single men and women, mostly aged 18 to 34. The Tokyo-based think tank conducts the survey every five years.

The survey found that 61 per cent of unmarried adult men surveyed said they do not have girlfriends.

As well, the proportion of unattached men jumped 9.2 percentage points since the last survey in 2005, with 45 per cent of the no-girlfriend guys said they are not particularly interested in finding one.

So... what's the story? Why don't young Japanese men want to date women and screw their brains out?  

Some have said they just want to hang around and play video games.

Okay... I've played a lot of video games. I started with Space Invaders et al, knew how to do the old quarter on a string trick for free credits, had: a Pong; an Odyssey, Atari 400 and Atari 1200XE computer, Sega, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Famicon and Nintendo Super Famicon, Nintendo 64, Ninetendo Gameboy, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Sony PS2, Sony PS3... and there's probably a few others I've left out accidentally. I've even played video games on the computer - text games like Zork and HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy, Leisure Suit Larry In the Land of the Lounge Lizards, - the whole Ultima series... some on a floppy disk... they real floppy ones!    

But let me tell you... back then... if there was a chance I was going to get laid I would have said sayonara to the video games.

Hell, even now... I have a PS3... I'd rather get laid by some little red-haired devil-woman than play Halo. Get my rocks off rather than play Guitar Hero. Your gaming skills don't impress me as much as your ass.  Is that not the way to think?

It doesn't matter if you think you are good at video games (the first time I solved the computer puzzle game Myst, I did it in seven hours - whoo-hoo! Where's my prize? I'd rather see a woo-hoo!) - we're talking about sex! Young Japanese men! Stop playing with your joystick and let a woman hit your reset button + triangle + circle +L2. You know what I mean.

The study complains that Japan's population could go down by some 30 per cent over the next 10-30 years. That's because there is less going down. Less dating = less sex = less babies.

Of course... this whole study implies that dating + sex = babies. Really? This is Japan, after all. Dating + sex + marriage + sex = babies.

Are married Japanese men coming home from a hard day of working for a salary and then plopping down in front of the TV to play Sonic the Hedgehog? Really? Who the hell was asked in these surveys?

Now... there may be something to the survey if it is indeed true that young Japanese men don't even want to date a woman because they are apathetic about dating and sex.  

One college student says, "It's not that guys don't like women. But it's just easier and more fun to hang out with other guys."

True. But I suppose it depends on how you define easy and fun. An easy woman is indeed fun - not that I would know anything about that, of course.

Another says, "If you want a date, you have to ask the guy out yourself."

I suppose we should all assume that the second speaker (Another says) is a man talking about what women should do. If not, and it's about a man talking about men, then we have another solution as to why men don't want to date women.

I would take this study with a grain of saltpeter (saltpeter was used to make sure you didn't get a hard-on). Sometimes a survey sampled can have results skewed one way, which isn't really representative of the majority of people.

The survey was conducted in June 2010 by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, a research group related to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, was based on answers from roughly 7,000 single men and women, mostly aged 18 to 34. The Tokyo-based think tank conducts the survey every five years.

June 2010? That was before my life turned upside down. That was before Japan was devastated by the big Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear problems. That was before loss of income, jobs, abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Cripes! Things could actually be worse now in 2012!

The most recent 2010 survey found that 61 per cent of unmarried adult men surveyed said they do not have girlfriends.

As well, the proportion of unattached men jumped 9.2 percentage points since the last survey in 2005, with 45 per cent of the no-girlfriend guys said they are not particularly interested in finding one.
Let's schtupp! Now!

Now... 7,000 single men AND women is a fair-sized poll (sp)... not that Japanese women would know about that, so at least the pollsters tried... but how many were men? And how many men are there in Japan within that range?

It is possible (though unlikely, to be fair), that pollsters just got lucky (or unlucky as the case seems to be) in questioning all of the men in Japan that don't want sex.  

I think if you asked those men to look at the photo of the sexy Japanese woman just above, I think they would want to 'date' her two or three times a night.

Buried in the survey results, both single men and women are now actually more picky, and will wait longer to find the right partner.

While that is great, I suppose, but it still doesn't explain the high number of respondents who say they don't want to date or get laid. Does that imply that more people are interested in saving themselves for marriage? Oh... won't that be a disappointment when you realize your new husband or wife does not share you same sexual wants or desires! On the plus side, you won't have a reference point  for what lousy or great sex is like.   

Almost half of women surveyed are unmarried and unattached – and similarly to the men, about 45 per cent are content with staying that way for now. Still, also mirroring the men, the biggest surge in women without a partner is logged among those 20 to 24 years old.
This whole 20-24 year old single thing is good. Get married when you are ready, not because you must by a certain age.

My own parents were married (by their own choice) at the age of 24. I felt like a loser when 24 came and went and I wasn't married, couldn't find a girlfriend, and had never even been laid! Not for lack of trying either. Maybe that was because I was chasing the blonde super model with big tits. Whatever... I had not yet matured by that age. It doesn't matter what color the hair is - you can always get some hair color. What matters is that they are super models with big tits.

Maybe the Japanese are feeling that way, as well?  That they will get married when they are ready - not when their parents or society dictates they should get married.

Japan is not a Carrousel tour of Logan's Run. Time does not run out when you hit 30!

Too much masturbation can create nasty sores that will kill you.

I'm not concerned about that.

I am concerned about them not even wanting to have sex, and even more so about not wanting to date! How the hell are you going to have fun and experience proper social interaction if you never even date? How can you have any pudding if you won't eat your meat?

Of those surveyed, the average age that they want to get married by is 30.4-years-old for men and 28.4 for women.

Some number crunching for you: men and women aged 18 to 24 like being single because they feel they are too young to get married. Well, d'uh. You probably are.

As for WHY men and women of all ages (except the 18-24 group), the reason chosen increased for every group, stating that it was not easy to find that perfect match.

No effin' kidding.

By Andrew Joseph

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Universe and the Japan Conspiracy

I want to post a link here to a Marketing Japan blog written by good friend Mike Rogers.

In it, he wonder aloud about the curious choice of the current Miss Universe Japan 2012. While fully admitting that she is indeed a gorgeous creature, Mike wonders if the fact that she also happened to hail from Miyagi-ken - one of the most hard-hit regions by the tsunami on March 11, 2011 - played a role in her being selected.

Without giving too much away here, Mike provides some interesting follow up evidence suggesting that when push comes to shove, everybody loves the underdog and perhaps a nudge (or even a subconscious nudge) is often enough to propel said underdog to victory.

As for Miss Universe... Mike acknowledges this blog for liking her smile and suggesting it would be a swaying factor as a winner... truth is... in all of the pre-contest photos I saw of her... she had her long hair in a high pony-tail... one of the sexiest looks that makes me all hot and bothered. I also like the jawline bob as far as haircuts go on women. Combine the hair style with that smile... well... I know what I like.

Mike of course suggest combining that with a great prefectural sob story...   

It is thought provoking, and I suggest you give it a read:


I know all of the examples Mike cites... and being objective, he may have a point.

If you look at the top photo and click on it to make it larger, you'll notice that the 1.70 meter tall Hara Ayako (surname first), 24-year-old model from Miyagi-ken didn't do so well in the pre-show voting done by fans.

She received a 3.79 out of 5. According to the pre-show fan voting, that made her the 10th highest score out of a total of 24 contestants. 

I saw that when I first picked her a month or two ago, but I did not let the other voters dissuade me. Still... it does seem poignant. If the fans didn't think she was all that hot initially, how did she win?  

Meanwhile... check out the video below - a compilation of the Miss Universe Japan 2012 event. If you go to just before the 4:00 minute mark, you will see the winner (my choice), Miss Miyagi-ken in a swimsuit.

Aside from her beauty, Ayako carried herself a tad more professionally than her fellow contestants... while she did strut in an exaggerated fashion... it still was more in control than the others who looked like they might throw their back out with every flick of the hips and knee lock they made.  

Now... picking the winner from Miyagi-ken may have been good public relations, but dammit!!! She's hot! That's her in the freeze frame pic, too. Effing You Tube seems to like her, as well. 

Andrew Joseph